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Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress - Queen

Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress - Queen

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Give your family the gift of uninterrupted sleep with this Euro Top Mattress. This mattress combines the latest in sleep technology with luxurious materials to provide a restful night for everyone. The unique Euro top padding, high-density foam, and an independent coil system are specifically designed to cater to individual sleeping needs ensuring every family member wakes up feeling refreshed and revitalised.


- Soft Euro Top padding for extra comfort

- 5 zoned pocket springs provide tailored support for different body areas

- Independent coil system for exceptional support and ultimate comfort

- 6 working turn coil system adjusts to body movement

- High-density foam supports proper spine alignment

- Medium firmness

- Hypoallergenic materials to keep your home safe and healthy

- Luxurious knitted jacquard fabric for a touch of elegance

- Side handles for easy mattress positioning

- Vacuum packaged to ensure hygiene and freshness; returns to original shape within 1 day after unpacking


Size: Queen

Number of coils: 768

Firmness: Medium (5.0)

Thickness: 32cm

Dimensions: 203cm x 153cm x 32cm

Package Contents

1 x Euro Top Mattress

Care Instructions

- Do not machine washing, bleach, iron or dry clean

- Address spills with a cloth and gently dry with a blow dryer

- Spot clean with mild soap and water as needed

- Regularly rotate and vacuum with low suction to maintain its condition and extend its life

This mattress is more than just a sleeping solution, it's an investment in your family's health and well-being. Enjoy the luxury and comfort it brings to your home, night after night.

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